Rotterdam, Morocco, South Korea.

Dutch wireless charging: Three companies in Rotterdam have begun a trial to recharge specially converted electric cars wirelessly. In the future, wireless charging systems could be used at the city´s taxi ranks and bus stops. Rotterdam recently also celebrated the opening of its 2000th EV charging point. (in Dutch) via

EV chargers in Morocco: In partnership with Vivo Energy, EV-Box has launched the first charging station for electric vehicles in Morocco. In addition, a total of 20 EV-Box charging points will be presented at the COP22 Climate Change Conference and will later be added to the main roads, laying the ground work for the country’s charging infrastructure.

Korea to boost number of EV chargers: The South Korean Environment Ministry announced a rapid expansion of the country-wide EV charging infrastructure. The number of currently 9,258 regular and 750 fast charging stations will be increased to 19,579 regular and 1,915 fast chargers by mid-2017.


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