Nov 17, 2016 - 08:54 am

BorgWarner, Thrustcycle, Amazon Alexa, intestine-mimicking cell.

All in one: BorgWarner has presented its first electric drivetrain unit with integrated eGearDrive. It will be used in two models of an unnamed Chinese manufacturer from next summer. According to BorgWarner, combining the electric motor and gearbox makes the drivetrain lighter and cheaper, than when going with individual components.

Self-balancing e-motorbike: Thrustcycle Enterprises presented the prototype of its self-balancing, electric motorbike GyroCysle, kept on its wheels by internal flywheels creating a gyroscopic effect. Range is put at 130 km. The GyroCycle will hit the road in 2017 for less than 20,000 dollars.

Voice commanded charging: Hyundai will be the first big manufacturer to fit its Ioniq models and Sonata Plug-In with the voice command system Amazon Alexa. Drivers will then be able to ask their car to open, pre-heat or start the charging process, using a secure Blue Link communication. You’ll only have to leave the couch to actually drive the car. (with video),,

Go with your gut: A research team headed by the University of Cambridge has developed a lithium-sulphur battery with an energy density that is five times higher than in Li-ion batteries, while having a long lifespan. That is made possible by an intestine-mimicking cell design.


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