Wolfgang Ziebart, Koei Saga, Bob Lutz.

Wolfgang-Ziebart“The well to wheel relationship from the energy source to the vehicle is a disaster.”

Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover’s technical design director, believes hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology as “complete nonsense,” as well to wheel efficiency is only about 30 percent. Battery-electric vehicle technology has an efficiency of 70%.

Koei-Saga“I think in the future diesels could cost double what we pay for a hybrid.”

Koei Saga, chief of Toyota’s powertrain division, predicts that the cost of necessary and complex emission treatments will rise significantly in the future. However, he believes the technology will continue have a role in the global car industry for some time to come.

bob-lutz“There’s the market of what the market wants, and there’s the market of what the federal government wants. And the two markets are miles apart.”

Industry veteran Bob Lutz says it’s up to carmakers to bring those two markets closer together, as they have to invest in electric mobility to meet government standards. So best make the cars so that they are wanted and bought.


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