Nov 23, 2016 - 09:07 am

Matthias Müller, Matthias Luehrs, Patrice Ratti.

Matthias-Mueller“There is no supply shortage, there is a demand shortage. On one hand, many Germans think and act green, but when it comes to electric mobility, they wrinkle their noses. I have a hard time understanding this phenomenon.”

Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller tried to blame the lack of EVs on the road on consumers. A comment that backfired. After all, wouldn’t carmakers first need to offer affordable electric cars with sufficient range and invest in the infrastructure?

Matthias-Luehrs“We have to look at that and see whether it makes sense to offer diesels in the future. We have not come to a conclusion, but we obviously always tend to develop cars and offer vehicles according to customers’ demands.”

According to Matthias Luehrs, vice president of sales and product management for Mercedes-Benz Cars, Mercedes could “theoretically” stop selling diesel cars in the U.S. all together.

Patrice-Ratti“It is not difficult to make an electric sports car. The challenge is to do it with the size of the battery of the Zoe.”

Patrice Ratti, head of Renault Sport, says that while electric mobility would present so many advantages for sports cars, the battery size remains an issue.


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