Tony Seba, Alain Uyttenhoven, Changfu Wang.

Tony-Seba“A lot of OEMs, even though they are talking big about EVs, are still living in an ICE kind of world. You still hear Daimler talking about making 10 EV brands by 2025. Hello! By 2025 every car will be electric.”

Clean energy and transportation expert Tony Seba sees the EV as disruptive and also predicts that the “whole world is going electric, self-driving and sharing.” Yet, only some firms are getting ready.

Alain-Uyttenhoven“Other companies need a few batteries and plugs to hit that target, but even with the growth of our SUV sales we are on course to be below 95g/km.”

Lexus Europe boss Alain Uyttenhoven says his company does not require PHEV in its line-up to fulfil regulations for now. He also believes in rising hybrid sales due to increased pressure on diesels.

Wang-Chuanfu“If we manage to replace a city’s entire fleet of buses and taxis – which amounts to just about 2% of its overall number of vehicles – with electric vehicles, we can cut an average 30% in emissions from urban transportation.”

BYD Chairman Changfu Wang thinks that cities are the key to a greener future. BYD supports the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.


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