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Toyota, SGF Energy, supercapacitors, Momentum Electric.

New-Toyota-Prius-2016Better hybrids: Toyota developed new drivetrain components based on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA), said to cut carbon emissions by 15 percent. These include an optimised Toyota Hybrid System II (THS-II) and Multistage THS II for rear-wheel drives. The Japanese carmaker also announced that it wants to increase the size of its hybrid development team by 30% by 2021.,

Batteries from Sweden? According to Swedish media, former Tesla manager Peter Carlsson will set up a battery factory in Sweden under the name of his new company SGF Energy. Yearly production output for EV and stationary batteries could reach 35 GWh. The report also says that a feasibility study has already been conducted and turned over to the government to apply for funding. Construction could start as early as 2018. (in Swedish) via

Super supercapacitors: British researchers have developed a polymer based on soft contact-lens technology that could enable EVs to charge in seconds and significantly prolong range, by boosting the energy density of supercapacitors between 1,000 and 10,000 times. A prototype will be presented in 2017 and the search for partners to commercialise the technology has already begun.,

London e-bike maker Momentum Electric launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new VIT-S, allegedly the most powerful legal e-bike on the market. It has a maximum power output of 700W, while it meets EU requirements of 250W-rated power per 25 kph speed limit., (campaign)


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