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Peter Quintus, Peter Giulio, Friedrich Eichiner, Allen Schaeffer.

Peter-Quintus“In the longer-term, there must be some kind of electrification of the M range. The question is, when do you do that?”

Peter Quintus, vice-president of sales and marketing for BMW’s M division, says an “M” enhanced version of a BMW i car is definitely a possibility. But first, battery costs need to come down significantly.

Giulio-Pastore“The current platform allows for hybrid. We are working on it for 2019 when we will be ready to offer hybridisation.”

Maserati Europe boss Giulio Pastore confirms that the carmaker is looking to offer a number of alternative drive options in the future. Which model will be the first on the list remains a secret. But ultimately all Maserati models are expected to be offered with hybrid systems.

Friedrich-Eichiner“We’ve learned that people aren’t prepared to pay a higher price for an electric vehicle.”

According to BMW Chief Financial Officer Friedrich Eichiner doesn’t see demand for electric cars go up any time soon. For that to happen, battery process must drop, making the cars more affordable and therefore more appealing a wider range of customers.

Allen-Schaeffer“Technologies like electric or hydrogen vehicles may provide new options for consumers at some point in the future, but are not likely to be available in the timeframes and scale that these cities need to achieve continued reductions in CO2.”

Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director des Diesel Technology Forum (USA), actually argues that banning diesel cars, or as he calls it, “clean diesel technology” from cities could jeopardise climate change objectives and undercut consumers’ choice. He probably forgot that many in the U.S. bought a diesel because they were told it was clean, but then learned it was all a lie.

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