Toyota, bio-methanol, Fenris Motorcycles.

Toyota-Prius-Plug-in-HybridToyota to open up its hybrid powertrain: The Japanese carmaker may reveal what drives its Prius models, Reuters report. The move would see Toyota selling entire powertrain modules and reflects an industry trend for competition on the computational rather than technological level. It would also loosen dependency of suppliers and potentially spread the cost for R&D.

Bio-methanol fuel cell: A range-extender, developed by Danish Modular Energy Carrier Concept (MECc) boasts a fuel cell fuelled by bio-methanol. A Fiat 500 using the technology is now serving as delivery vehicle for Just Eat and has an extended range of up to 800 km. (in Danish) via

Another Danish superlative is an electric super bike as fast as 300 kph. Maker Fenris Motorcycles says the electric motor weighs only 11 kilos but delivers 150 kW for a sprint from 0 – 100 in under 3 sec. The 180 kg machine is set for production by 2019 in an edition of 500 pieces.,,


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