Dec 21, 2016 - 09:15 am

Darin Gesse, Brian Baron, Ryan Brinkman.

Darin-Gesse“We talked to customers about what they wanted and it all came down to range and price and range. Everything else wasn’t even second on the list; it was like 9th.”

Darin Gesse, senior manager of GM product strategy, on the Bolt EV and its looks, where function dominates form. GM claims that demand outstrips supply but apparently only builds 100 Bolts a day.

Brian-Barron“We feel the timing for us right now is spot on. We’ve got to get out there as quick as we can to establish our brand.”

Brian Barron, Lucid Motors’ director of global manufacturing is eager to get going but has not even got a production plant to start with. The start-up plans to begin to set up shop in Arizona in the first quarter of 2017.

anonym“Our day with GM leaves us even more concerned that Tesla will have a difficult time realizing its profit objectives in the increasingly competitive market for electric vehicles.”

JP Morgan analyst Ryan Brinkman after he spent time with GM CFO Chuck Stevens. Brinkman concluded that carmakers are willing to lose money on EVs for the sake of volume and with the ultimate goal to subsidise ICE with ZEV credits. Bottomline: competition is on.


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