Jan 16, 2017 - 09:20 am

Dyson, E-Force One, U.S. funding, Fraunhofer ICT.

Dyson update: Rumours that the British hoover manufacture is planning to build and electric car are growing stronger. Apparently, Dyson engaged Ricardo Reyes as new head of communications. Following years at Tesla, Reyes is quite the EV expert.

E-Force One update: Swiss electric lorry maker E-Force One announced a new battery technology for this year. The further developed traction battery is said to be more powerful and be available with 90 to 260 kWh. E-Force One also reworked its drivetrain system and will now offer the electric lorry as an 18 to 40-tonner.
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Federal funding: The U.S. Department of Energy earmarked 18m dollars for five projects betting on alternative drivetrains. 2.9m dollars have been given to Odyne Systems to further develop plug-in hybrid lorries to cut fuel consumption by 50 percent. Blue Bird Canyon is getting 4.9 dollars for further development of an electric school bus V2G capabilities. Also, PacificCorp received 3.9m dollars to set up charging corridors along interstates in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming.

Date logger: A new data logger from the Fraunhofer ICT simultaneously collects vehicle data from electric drivetrains, combustion engines, external sensors and even location data and is said to lay the foundation for the development of new hybrid and electric vehicles. It can also be used to increase efficiency of vehicle fleets.

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