Jan 23, 2017 - 09:39 am

China, Chevy Bolt EV

Download/Video tip : China wants to take the lead in terms of EV technology, also to get a grip on its own air pollution. Can electric mobility really change transport systems in China’s cities longterm? These and other questions where on the agenda of the Sino-German cooperation project on “Electro Mobility and Climate Protection in China” carried out by GIZ and CATARC. Their insights have been made available for download and in form of a video.
sustainabletransport.org (dossier), sustainabletransport.org (video)

Video tip: While the rest of the U.S. is still waiting for the Chevy Bolt EV to arrive at dealerships, one owner is already documenting or reviewing the vehicle. The YouTube series is called “Out of the Blue” and is actually quite entertaining and informative.
youtube.com (part I), youtube.com (part II) via insideevs.com


Found on electrive.com
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