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Ford provides test fleet: Ford kicked off a project in London, aimed at helping reduce air pollution. For 12 months, Ford will provide 20 Transit Custom PHEV to select fleet operators, while collecting data about their use, costs and environmental effects. The 20 plug-in hybrids were developed with help of a 4.7m pound grant from the Advanced Propulsion Centre.,

Takeover: British charge point operator Chargemaster says it has received the green light for the takeover of company Elektromotive and subsidiary Charge Your Car. The deal, which is to be completed next week, will consolidate the UK’s EV infrastructure market.

Sortimo Innovation Park: Germany’s Zusmarhausen in planning an e-mobility innovation park, for which construction will start mid-2017. In a first instance, it will feature 12 multi-standard fast-chargers with charging capacities of up to 350 kW. Another 40 “average fast-chargers” will also be erected.,, (articles in German)

USA expands DC infrastructure: Rocky Mountain Power received 4m dollars in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to equip 1,500 miles of highway in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho with fast-charging infrastructure. The money will also be used to develop programmes to push the use of e-carsharing and b-bike sharing, as well as employer subsidies for the installation of EV chargers or purchase of electric cars.,

Funding e-mobility: New Zealand is digging 3.5m dollars deeps into its pockets to push the use of electric vehicles. The money will be allocated to a total of 15 projects concerning electric buses, electric taxis, e-carsharing and the construction of charging infrastructure., (project overview)



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