Mary Nichols, Kim Hong-kyung.

Mary-D-Nichols“You can’t short-circuit industry progress. The conclusion is inescapable: California’s vehicle future is electric drive.”

Mary Nichols, head of the California Air Resources Board tweeted that the agency really doesn’t care about who sits in the Oval Office – California will not stir for its course to push electric transport.

anonym“Battery subsidies for electric cars in China have shrunk dramatically this year, and will gradually decline and vanish in 2020 or by 2021 at the latest. Beginning at that time, we will be able to normalize our electric car battery business in China.”

Kim Hong-kyung, a managing director of Samsung SDI, explained that because subsidies in China favoured local companies of the Korean competitor, investments in the latter’s plant decreased and staff was laid off. But cutting subsidies will essentially level the playing field, at which point Samsung SDI will no longer be at a disadvantage.


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