Thomas Beermann, Lu Qun, Alain Visser.

Thomas-Beermann“In the long term we see the future of carsharing as purely electrically powered, but there needs to be a considerable expansion of the charging station infrastructure in many cities to achieve this.”

Carsharing helps reduce traffic in cities, but parking [at a charger] is still an issue, says Thomas Beermann, head of car2go Europe. car2go’s main competition DriveNow seems to think otherwise, as it is already pushing electrification of its fleet in i.e. Berlin or Copenhagen.

anonym“Tesla has huge symbolic significance because it is the first company to make people believe a business model solely around electric vehicles is possible.”

Lu Qun, chairman of Qiantu Motor, says the Chinese manufacturer is not looking to become the Chinese Tesla, but that he and his company can definitely learn a thing or two from Elon Musk.

Alain-Visser“Because of the cost structure we have, we would be able to offer an electric car at the price of a normal combustion-engine car.”

Alain Visser, Lynk & Co senior vice president, says the brand’s first cars for Europe and the U.S. will most likely be hybrids. Fully electric models are, however, a possibility as well.


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