Scotland Yard, Oslo, Total, eLion, Indiana

Scotland Yard’s new mission is to detox London’s air within the next 12 months. The secret service will replace 700 vehicles in its 4,000 strong fleet and 250 will be alternative energy cars including hybrids and FCV. Talks with Tesla are not a secret anymore either as the Metropolitan Police would like to trial the EVs. Hydrogen scooters are already under scrutiny.

E-cargo bike incentives: Up to 10,000 kroner (1,200 USD) to buy an electric cargo bike as a resident of Oslo – the Norwegian capital once more proves any electric advocate’s dream. The incentive is capped at 25% of the price of the pedelec while 5m kroner ($600,000) have been earmarked for the initiative.

Total may electrify: The oil giant says it plans to add EV charging stations to its existing network of pit stops in France. Up to 300 gas stations are under consideration and Total is also in talks with carmakers like PSA, claiming demand from clients for its move. Numbers or a timeline have not been given.

Canadian-Californian initiative: 29 electric school buses called eLion will start in Sacramento next month. They are part of a joint project between Quebec and California. The latter funds electric school buses with up to 100,000 dollars, about a third of the purchase price.

Indiana is backwards as it debates legislation that would effectively ban Tesla direct sales in the state. The bill applies to those that have sold cars in Indiana since July 2015, have never used a franchised dealership and whose sales surpass 1,000 cars per year. In one word: Tesla.



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