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FF, Opel, Sion, Seat, IIHS

Faraday-Future-FF91-CES-1500x750-300x150FF to retreat from USA: The Chinese start-up has scaled back production plans in the States, saying the planned facility in Nevada will be much smaller. Instead of seven, only two electric vehicles are in the cards for now. Faraday Future has had financial problems previously but if its retreat has to do with the political situation as well is unclear. However, insiders stated that most of the production of future EVs will be centred in China’s Zhejiang province.

Bestselling Ampera-e: Orders in the 4-digit realm were counted in Norway for the Opel Ampera-E before it even hit the Nordic shores, according to Opel’s Norwegian head of PR. Hence why, Norway will be the first country to receive the EU version of the Chevy Bolt this June.
side3.no (numbers in Norwegin) via cleantechnica.com

Integrated car sharing: The electric mini-van Sion can be shared automatically thanks to an in-built car sharing and payment option. Maker Sono Motors from Munich cooperated with the Berlin-based Getaway mobility service provider. The 16,000 euro Sion shall go into production next year.

The electric Seat has become more concrete since yesterday. It will be an electric version of the Mii mini car and only cost around 20,000 euros, Auto Express learnt. The VW e-Up lends its technology for now but follow-up electric models will utilise the MEB platform eventually.

Top Safety+ not, or not quite for the Tesla Model and the BMW i3. They both missed out on the highest ranking the US IIHS has. The Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius PHEV did score excellent with a plus. When crashed at NHTSA and NCAP, the Model S received five stars.
insideevs.com, iihs.org


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