Mike Flewitt, Dan Ammann, Richard Hatfield.

Mike-Flewitt“Our goal to move to 100 per cent hybridisation by 2025 is the only way we can meet tough future emissions targets.”

Announces McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt. This means the future range of sports and supercars will all use hybrid powertrain technology by 2025. Only a year ago it was supposed to be 50%, so maybe McLaren will move to a fully electric target next year?

Dan-Ammann“We will obviously need a much broader portfolio. We see opportunities as electric vehicles take hold.”

GM President Dan Ammann is way less specific than his colleague above when is comes to numbers. Certain is only that the company will produce more electric vehicles rather sooner than later.

anonym“We see ourselves as following in the footsteps of Tesla, and accomplishing the San Francisco-to-Los Angeles run would show that range anxiety is becoming a thing of the past.”

Richard Hatfield heads Lightning Motorcycles in Silicon Valley and wants to ride history on an electric motorcycle that makes the 500-mile run between San Fran and LA on a single charge. That bike is yet to be made though.


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