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Will Opel become European again? PSA is looking to buy GM’s business in the old world, namely Opel aka Vauxhall. The French group seeks to expand its scale on the continent and Opel’s electric offering would fit in particularly well. So far, PSA and GM are exploring possibilities. If a deal goes ahead, it would not be cheap. GM has managed Opel for almost 90 years and the company is estimated to be worth 2.6bn euros at present.
bloomberg.com, autonews.com

smart-ed-elektroauto-300x150Smart does it electric only: Once the 2017 Smart ForTwo is to kick off this September, it will solely be electric. At least, the States, Canada and Norway will not see any other variant, German FAZ reports. In North America compact cars have a hard standing and Daimler hopes its focus on the Smart ED will streamline its offering. Petrol engine models will remain available in other markets though – for now.
faz.net (original source), reuters.com

Mercedes further electrifies its offering on its home turf as well as it readies its Untertürkheim facility for EQ production. The plant is Daimler’s most important powertrain producer. In the future, it is to build prototypes for electric motors in the so-called E-Technikum, a new e-technology centre. The plan was agreed together with the Works Council that represents 19,000 employees based in Untertürkheim.
automotiveworld.com, daimler.com

Captured: This is the new Audi A6 or what will come of it once it hits the market in 2018. Two plug-in hybrid variants are definite, Auto Motor Sport believes. A fully electric one is possible but unconfirmed.
auto-motor-und-sport.de (in German)

Longer range Focus: The updated Ford Focus Electric got a power boost from 23 to 33,5 kWh. The new battery serves for a range of 225 km and order books in Europe are now open.
autoexpress.co.uk, carscoops.com

Electric SUT: A new EV maker has settled in New York state, Bollinger Motors. The start-up’s website speaks of an electric “Sport Utility Trucks” prototype with AWD, and a pickup EV that is to follow.



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