Feb 16, 2017 - 08:55 am

London, China, LA, Indianapolis

London electrifies its icons: 36 more electric buses are to arrive in the British capital in spring 2018. Enough to electrify two full lines, C1 and 70. Once in service, London will run 121 electric and 2,000 hybrid buses in total, that is about 20 percent of the entire fleet. Transport for London intends to stop buying diesel-only double decker buses completely by 2018 and wants more than 3,100 of them to be hybrids by the following year.
cityam.com, standard.co.uk

800,000 charge points for China: The government in Beijing gears up for a green transition and wants to increase the number of charging points to 800,000 including 100,000 public ones. Currently, 150,000 charging stops can be found across the country, where 100,000 were erected only last year.

EV charging at LA airport: 18 Level 2 electric charging stations have been installed at Los Angeles International Airport on park deck 7. LAX now features a total of 81 charging stations, with another eight chargers at the LAX FlyAway bus terminal in Van Nuys.

Indianapolis Airport does not charge EV yet but ordered six retrofitted electric buses from Complete Coach Works. The shuttles shall transport passengers between terminals and parking from spring. It is the largest electric airport fleets in the States, according to the bus maker.
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