Feb 23, 2017 - 09:25 am

Andy Palmer, Chang Jae-hoon.

Andy-Palmer-Nissan“From that perspective, undoubtedly, the debate about whether it’s hydrogen, whether it’s electric, I would say that debate is now over because it definitely is electric.”

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer based his verdict on VW’s diesel-gate after which “the whole German industry has gone electric,” and thus set a course for others to follow.

anonym“Hyundai Motor will contribute to the expansion of the eco-friendly car market by introducing carsharing services, mainly offering electric car models.”

Chang Jae-hoon, a senior VP of the customer value division at Hyundai, on EV sharing services, which the company launched in Korea. In the USA too, Hyundai deployed 400 Ioniqs free to share last month.


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