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Reading tip I; This is different from your usual road trip, first because no Tesla but a Chevy Bolt is involved and secondly because it is not a nerdy guy but a mother and her teenage daughter driving 800 miles criss-crossing California in search of colleges.

Reading tip II: The Andros Trophy ice racing series is expected to become the first category in the world to allow electric and conventional cars to compete in the same races next winter.

Events for the upcoming week: Energy Storage Europe (March 14-16; Düsseldorf, Germany) ++ EEVC 2017 (March 14-16; Geneva, Switzerland) ++ rEVolution 2017 (March 14; Amsterdam, Netherlands) ++ Bosch ConnectedWorld (March 15-16; Berlin, Germany) ++ EV ChargePoint Symposium (March 16-17; Nice, France) ++ You can find a complete list of upcoming events at electrive.com/calendar



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