Herbert Diess, Håkan Samuelsson, Andy Palmer.

Herbert-Diess-VW“I am confident that already the first cars will be profitable, not hugely profitable but profitable.”

VW brand boss Herbert Diess shows confidence in the firm’s first MEB model, the VW I.D. that he believes will be profitable from the start.

Hakan-Samuelsson“Looking further down the line, at under 95 [g/km by 2020], diesel will not be able to help us. Only electrification can.”

Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson leaves no doubt about where we are going in the future, or better how – electric, esp. as he considers “improving the efficiency of the combustion engine more or less done, so the next step has to be hybridization and pure-electric cars.”

Andy-Palmer-Nissan“The next thing you will see is that some cities demand you have an electric car on certain days.”

Says Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer, who also confirmed the electric RapidE for 2018, which will render the petrol variant redundant.


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