Apr 11, 2017 - 08:10 am

CHAdeMO, Mahindra + Zoomcar, XL Hybrids + Knapheide, Efficient Drivetrains

CHAdeMO with 150 kW: The Japanese reinforce their charging standard as they upgrade from 125 to 400 Ampere maximum current. CHAdeMO 1.2 will thus get ready to charge with up to 150 kW, that is to triple the usual 50 kW. While this is a far cry from the 350 kW proponents of CCS are preparing to push through cables, it is a considerate upgrade and came together with hints at V2X capability.
insideevs.com, chademo.com (demonstration report, pdf)

Fractional electric car ownership: Mahindra has hooked up with Zoomcar, a car-rental company that also allows for so-called fractional ownership. The ZAP programme will now include Mahindra’s e2o so drivers can buy the EV but hire it out via the ZAP platform whenever idle. The scheme will initially be implemented in Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.
automotiveworld.com, intoday.in

XL Hybrids and Knapheide partner for XLP PHEV upfits on Ford F-150 as the latter will become a ship-thru installer of XL Hybrids retrofitted pickup trucks. Knapheide will begin its work in its Kansas City facility at the end of 2017. Both companies are certified through Ford’s eQVM scheme.

Security PHEV: Efficient Drivetrains has delivered the first of six armoured range extended vehicles to Sectran Security. The trucks drive electrically and on renewable natural gas (RNG), which is from North American Repower, a natural gas engine management and conversion company from California.


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