Apr 11, 2017 - 08:12 am

SK Innovation, Bolt EV, VTOL, mobile H2 quality check

sk-innovation-batterie-zellen-300x150500 km EV battery: SK Innovation is working to improve its cells as it gears for a range of 500 kilometres on one charge by 2020. Current power packs deliver about 350 km and the Korean battery specialists sees the 500 km threshold necessary to compete with ICE head to head if not overtake them.
businesskorea.co.kr, koreatimes.co.kr

Autonomous Bolt EV challenge: GM together with SAE seek to get the Bolt EV up to level 4 autonomy with the help of students. If enrolled at one of eight U.S. universities selected for the AutoDrive Challenge, the teams have three years to enable GM’s latest electric baby to get around an urban driving course unharmed and by itself.

The Pentagon’s VTOL project is getting ready for take off as Aurora Flight Sciences successfully concluded testing a subscale demonstrator. The real thing, a 24-fan hybrid airplane reportedly known as LightningStrike may begin proper flight tests in late 2018, and aims to be twice as fast than helicopters.
engadget.com, aurora.aero (pdf)

Mobile H2 quality check: ZSW has developed an inspection system to ensure gaseous hydrogen refueling equipment is in compliance with international standards. H2 samples are taken simultaneously to checks of pressure, temperature and the like before the testing truck rolls on to the next station.


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