Apr 12, 2017 - 09:25 am

Kazuhiro Tsuga, Maria Krautzberger.

Kazuhiro-Tsuga“We think the existing technology can still extend the energy density of LIBs by 20% to 30%.”

Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga hopes to liberate the Li-ion battery’s full potential but also warns against a trade-off between power density and safety. Solid-state may be one “possible answer,” he concludes.

Maria-Krautzberger“We’ve done the maths: if we want to hit the CO2 reduction target for traffic for 2030, we need 3 – 12% of the fleet to be electric by 2020, 30 – 32% by 2025, and 60 – 70% by 2030.”

In German you would call a schedule such as the one drawn up by Maria Krautzberger, head of Germany’s Federal Environment Agency UBA, “sportlich” (sporty or ambitious). To make it, she calls for EV quotas as well as e-bike incentives in Germany.
transportenvironment.org, zeit.de (original interview in German)


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