Google, BYD, Renault, Shell, Washington D.C.

Google expands its self-driving fleet as 500 more hybrid vans join Waymo’s existing 100 units. The Google subsidiary that is responsible for the autonomous driving programme uses the hybrid Chrysler Pacifica. The 500 additional mini vans are to be equipped with Google tech before they are to join the early rider scheme. For the first time, members of the public will be encouraged to take a ride, or better, to let drive. The pilot will take place in Phoenix, Arizona and residents can apply via Waymo.,,

BYD delivers globally: The Chinese manufacturer just transferred 30 of its e5 electric taxis to Loja in Ecuador. Furthermore, nine electric buses will hit the roads of Almere and Amersfort in the Netherlands in December, while four more electric buses are to be delivered to Turin, Italy. (Ecuador), (Netherlands), (Turin, in Italian)

Twizys on Bermuda: Renault supports the Groupama Team France with 10 Twizys on the occasion of the 35th America’s Cup. The small fleet will serve the sailers on their commute between their base and the venue for the ocean race and Renault uses the occasion to launch its Twizy on Bermuda.

Hydrogen oasis: Shell had murmured about intelligent charging before but might have meant H2 fuelling. Together with BMW subsidiary Designworks, the petrol-chemical company is at the Hannover Messe, where it shows a new dispenser design called Oasis. Users operate the hydrogen station through a touch screen and a nozzle that mimics a plug for charging an electric car.,

Charging off-peak: Washington utility Pepco wants to start incentives to ease strains on the power grid. EV owners in D.C. can thus count on a lower rate as soon as they charge during off-peak times.



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