Uber, China, Honda, Ford, Siemens, ZF

Uber-Heli-Cab_Dallas_300x150pxHeli cab schedule: Uber unveiled details on its Uber Elevate unit, which is working on an on-demand service for electric aircrafts. The Elevate Network shall be demonstrated already by 2020 and Uber is in talks with both Dallas and Dubai to launch pilot programmes. Only three years later, the company wants to enter into commercial operation. Among the partners are the helicopter manufacturer Bell, aircraft maker Embraer and Daimler backed company ChargePoint.
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Promising battery research: Chinese researchers have developed a rechargeable lithium-nitrogen battery. Their prototype runs on atmospheric nitrogen that reacts with lithium to form lithium nitride.
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What are the latest ideas within the electric transport industry, wondered Inside EVs and dug out some interesting patents. There is robot arm from Honda that charges while EVs are moving and more charging approaches from Ford and Siemens as well as a battery that stinks when broken.

ZF introduces electrified tractor: ZF displays its Innovation Tractor in Hanover. The EV comes with multiple cameras that will introduce autonomous functions to agriculture and also an electrified trailer.



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