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Self-healing and charging roads: A team at the Technical University of Delft has come up with asphalt able to charge electric cars and to repair itself and is ready to put it on trial. The road material is pervaded with conductive steel fibres and bacteria capable to fill small cracks in its surface when warmed. EV charging shall work whenever cars come to a halt. The scientists estimate, the useful asphalt would cost just 25 percent more than a conventional road.

Umicore is to scale up production to tend to the increasing demand for Li-ion batteries. The Brussels-based company intends to raise 300m euros until 2019 to extend its production of NMC cathode materials. Some of the money will be invested in Cheonan, South Korea and Jiangmen, China, where the first production lines are to start moving at the end of 2018.

Hybrid bike with Wankel engine: French Furion created a hybrid motorcycle concept equipped with a 654cc Wankel rotary engine and a 40 kW electric motor. Thanks to this pairing, the Furion M1 shall lasts for up to 400km with low fuel consumption. If the board will consider mass production, is unclear.
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Solar maiden flight: PC-Aeros introduced its solar aircraft last year along with the plan to take it on a stratospheric flight by 2018. The first test has been done now albeit with lower aspirations. The solar plane was airborne for seven minutes at a modest height of 300 metres. Further trials are to follow.


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