Matthias Müller, Wolfgang Schaefer.

Matthias-Mueller“The Group will be rolling out more than 10 new electrified models by the end of 2018.”

Said VW CEO Matthias Müller at the annual general meeting. He also hinted at new battery cell partnerships both in Europe and China and wants to see 30 BEV models by 2025. Still, VW refuses to renounce its diesel line-up in a “foreseeable future”.

Wolfgang-Schaefer“High battery costs, limits to driving ranges and charging times mean that electric cars won’t have an economic advantage over combustion engines until 2025.”

Sounds like Continental CFO Wolfgang Schaefer is a bit behind the market as most carmakers aim for price parity of EV and ICE by 2020 (see news above). That is five years earlier than Mr. Schaefer is hoping for, who says the supplier has its “hands full” with all the upcoming BEV for 2020 already.


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