May 12, 2017 - 08:28 am

Marc Reuss, Roberto Vavassori.

Mark-Reuss“We’ll be there before then, I know we will.”

Says a rather euphoric Marc Reuss. GM’s head of global product development is sure that the 100 dollar per kWh treshold will be reached before 2022, which was the company’s previous prediction. Currently it stands at roughly 145 Dollar.

anonym“If just 1% of global car sales go electric, we will need another 70 factories like Tesla’s Gigafactory.”

Roberto Vavassori, heads Europe’s OEM body CLEPA and warns that China is way ahead in cell supply. However, he sees a chance for the European automotive industry if growth predictions hold what they promise, i.e. new demand of up to 100 GWh.


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