Tony Seba, Raj Nair.

Tony-Seba“What the cost curve says is that by 2025 all new vehicles will be electric, all new buses, all new cars, all new tractors, all new vans, anything that moves on wheels will be electric, globally.”

Given that Prof. Tony Seba is a Stanford University economist, this may be more than wishful thinking. He bases his “Rethinking Transportation” report on data dealing with “market, consumer and regulatory dynamics” and on existing technology only., (full report, download)

Raj-Nair“A lot has changed since 2013. I think hydrogen fuel-cell technology is a very spikey technology progression and there are times that we feel like we are really progressing fast and then it’s going slow.”

Ford CTO Raj Nair denounces previous plans of a hydrogen car, saying the timeline has changed. Ford initially formed an alliance with Mercedes and Nissan to develop a mass-market FCV by 2017.


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