Jun 12, 2017 - 07:53 am

Hydrogenics, Aeroboat, H2 mobility, Loop Energy.

FC tech for 1,000 buses: Hydrogenics has gained a 50m dollar order from China. More specifically, the Canadian fuel cell specialist shall deliver enough stacks to power 1,000 H2 buses by Chinese Blue-G. The order will be fulfilled over the next two to three years.
greencarcongress.com , hydrogenics.com

Aeroboat-IIAAT-300x150Indo-Russian hybrid amphibian: The ‘aeroboat’ is a hybrid beyond sheer propulsion technology as it is said to be capable of travelling on land, water, snow and sand as well. Jointly developed by Indo-Russian partners led by IIAAT Holding, the idea was to create a vehicle able to access difficult terrain, e.g. flooded or marshy areas. Over 25 units have already been ordered by private and government buyers in India.
financialexpress.com, masterbuilder.co.in, idrw.org

U.S. funding for H2 mobility: The DOE is going to raise an additional 15.8m dollars for a total of 30 development projects in the field of hydrogen and fuel cell tech. The focus is on research of novel, low-cost materials for H2 production and storage and fuel cells on-board light-duty vehicles.

REx for heavy duty EVs: Vancouver-based Loop Energy was granted 760,000 dollars for its range-extending power module for heavy-duty EVs from the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) board. The REx is to be integrated by an unnamed OEM.


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