SureFly, Ricardo, 3D-printed EV, Frangivento.

SureFlySureFly is a hybrid heli put together by Workhorse. Usually known for its plug-in pick-ups, this is the firm’s venture into the passenger market but also a nod to its other business, drones. The SureFly has eight electric motors driving the rotors. A Li-ion battery acts as back up while a petrol generator provides most of the energy for up to 110 km. Workhorse hopes to produce its octocopter by 2019.

TCO assessment for FCV: Ricardo Strategic Consulting together with the California Fuel Cell Partnership work on tools that will enable the assessment of total cost of ownership (TCO) of fuel cell trucks, and hydrogen stations for commercial operation.

Printed patrol car: Israel’s police has shown its first 3D-printed car that holds a motor from an electric scooter while the steering system comes from a police helicopter. So far it is just a concept.

Fishy business: Italian Frangivento presents its electric super car Charlotte Roadster. It hosts an aquarium with two fishes that may be the most displaced species on earth. But the fastest too, the 1.5m euro racer accelerates to 100 kph in 2.6 seconds with 660 kW and a 70 kWh battery pack.



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