Bosch, Panasonic + Tesla, Neva Aerospace, Canada.

Chip factory by Bosch: The German car supplier invests approximately 1bn euros in a new factory in Dresden following the state’s call to become “Silicon Saxony.” The new site will produce semiconductors, thus cementing Bosch’s bet on autonomous driving technology, new mobility applications, and the internet of things. Factory completion is set for 2019 before a switch from pilot run to production in late 2021 will create 700 jobs. Bosch has declined to comment so far.,

Model 3 battery cell production start: Panasonic and Tesla have kicked-off production of battery cells destined for the Model 3 at Gigafactory 1. In fact, serial production of the new 2170 format battery cells started already in January, but they were only used in stationary energy storage like the Tesla powerwall before. Model 3 cells have a slightly modified Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide chemistry.

Paris welcomes AirQuadOne: Neva Aerospace will unveil the all-electric prototype of a VTOL that resembles a flying quad bike at the Paris Air Show. The vehicle is said to reach 80 kph in the air with battery capacity for 20 to 30 min in the air. A hybrid VTOL could extend flight time to an hour.,,

Electric rail in Canada: Electrification of Ontarios’s GO Transit rail network had been promised for years without actual action but finally an environmental feasibility study of hydrogen fuel cells to power electric trains is underway. The government aims to electrify core segments of the network by 2024.,



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