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ZF, eJIT, Hyperloop, Hyper Chariot.

zf-vision-zero-vehicle-mstars-300x150ZF integrates electric drive in rear axle: The ‘Vision Zero Vehicle’ is ZF’s take on future mobility. The concept relies on a 150 kW electric axle drive with the entire propulsion system integrated into the rear axle called mSTARS. That construct simplifies electrification of existing platforms.

Electric truck project launched: Porsche Leipzig is testing an all-electric truck in its logistics network. The trial is part of the research project eJIT of Porsche Leipzig, IAV GmbH, Schnellecke Logistics, Volkswagen Sachsen and the Saxony Automotive Supplier Network. They all seek to know more about electric truck use under real work conditions. A second electric powered truck shall be tested by Volkswagen Sachsen from August.
autocarpro.in, newsroom.porsche.com

South Korea to enter Hyperloop: 320 km in 30 minutes is what South Korea’s government wants after it signed a contract with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (Hyperloop TT) in order to realise what Elon Musk had in mind when he thought about vacuum tube transportation. The first line shall go live by 2021 to connect Seoul and Busan.

Passenger catapult: Hyper Chariot wants to be 6 x faster than the Hyperloop. Its engineers intend to catapult passengers in car-sized capsules through airless tubes, reaching top speeds around 6,400 kph. Ticket for this futuristic vision shall even be available for competitive prices.
futureentech.com, hyperchariot.com


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