Jun 26, 2017 - 07:50 am

GeniePoint, Bosch, Proterra, Australia, Lightning Systems.

Schneider Electric relies on GeniePoint: The French tech company decided to work with the GeniePoint platform and UK based supplier ChargePoint Services. Their common aim is to provide end to end EV charging solutions to their customers.

Bosch to make Tianjin a Smart City: The German company has signed an strategic agreement with the North Chinese port town in order to transfer know how of Smart City projects in Singapore, San Francisco, Stuttgart, Berlin and at Hamburg’s harbour to Tianjin. The project’s buzzwords are electric mobility, multimodal transport, environmental monitoring, connected parking and fleet management.

The State of Utah sees its first electric buses deployed by Park City Transit to serve the region’s ski resort community, a first in the industry. The fleet consists of six Proterra Catalyst FC+ buses. Along with the new fleet comes a battery-lease system to lower investment costs.

H2 facility to be erected in Australia: 9m dollars were raised through the South Australian government in order to realise its hydrogen roadmap’s first stage. The programme for this and next year includes construction of a hydrogen production plant, a refuelling station and a trial with six H2 buses.

Aftermarket conversion for Ford E-450s: Lightning Systems has gained an executive order of Californian ARB to apply its hydraulic system to gasoline-powered 2016 models. The tech added to the Ford’s driveline, regenerates braking energy that is stored or used to power the wheels.


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26.06.2017 07:11