Tesla, BMW, Bollinger Motors, Honda + Hitachi

tesla-model-3-schwarz-elektroauto_300x150pxProduction tweaks: 20,000 Model 3 a month could come out of Fremont from December, with the first 30 scheduled for handover already on July 28, according to a series of tweets by Elon Musk. Tesla’s economy model has passed “all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule,” Musk said and with production to grow exponentially, September may see 1,500 Model 3 made a month.

To Brexit or not to Brexit wonders BMW and has yet to decide if the electric Mini production is to remain in Britain as the board is concerned about the effects the loss of unfettered trade may have. Other sites in the Netherlands and Leipzig and Regensburg in Germany are being considered and a decision is due by the end of September.

Teasing: On the hybrid front, BMW just released the first clip that shows the production-spec i8 roadster expected to hit the shelves by 2018. It might have the stronger new i8 engine as a standard and comes topless but keeps its butterfly doors.
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Tesla enhances the performance of both the standard Model S and X, basically letting them accelerate a second quicker. Details are scarce but a spokesperson confirmed hardware and software updates. So close to the Model 3 launch, Tesla likely strives to distinguish its premium models further.
electrek.co, insideevs.com

Light electric truck: Bollinger Motors is on schedule as it wants to present its electric truck (chassis) in New York later this month. Drivers shall be able to convert it from pick-up to an SUV-like appearance and while most components are off-shelf, the start-up claims design input.

EV motor JV established: Honda and Hitachi have formally founded their joint venture to produce drives for electric cars as planned. The JV is based in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan but more facilities may be added in the States and China.
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