Jul 7, 2017 - 10:18 am

Jia Yueting, Hubertus Troska.

Jia-Yueting“My resignation as CEO was in order to put the whole of my effort towards getting FF91 onto the market as soon as possible.”

Jia Yueting, founder of struggling LeEco has resigned as chair in order to focus on Faraday Future and its self-driving car in the States.

hubertus_troska“By 2025, [China] will [account for] a substantial share in global sales of Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles. Therefore, local production will be key to the success of our EVs and crucial to flexibly serving local demand for electric vehicles. With our planned localization of BEVs and batteries with Chinese cells, we are dedicated to strengthening the region as an innovation hub for the automotive industry.”

Daimler China Chef Hubertus Troska comments on the refreshed investments into the joint venture with BAIC that will see them construct a new battery facility (we reported).


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