Jul 10, 2017 - 07:50 am

Herbert Diess, P. Balendran.

Herbert-Diess-VW“We regard Volkswagen as the company that can stop Tesla, because we have capabilities Tesla does not have today.”

VW boss Herbert Diess talks competitive pricing ahead of the Model 3 launch and bets Volkswagen would stop Tesla “at the line of 30,000 euros.” Clearly his hopes rest on the I.D. and while the design is finalised, the serial EV is scheduled for 2020 only.

anonym“Our product portfolio includes electric vehicles, hybrid, fuel cell among others. All this could be considered for Indian markets where we aim to roll out environment friendly vehicles.”

P. Balendran, executive director at MG Motor India, SAIC’s latest subsidiary, that is to foster the Indian market. They just took over a former GM plant in India and plan for a varied electrified portfolio.


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10.07.2017 07:28