Jul 10, 2017 - 07:49 am

London, Bratislava, Lulea, Germany.

Electric deliveries in London: UPS and UK Power Networks are about to increase the electric share in their London fleet by almost 50 percent after being awarded 3m pounds through Innovate UK. The project will see the UPS’ depot in Camden operate 70 electric freight vehicles up from 50 with plans for running more than 150 vehicles from the site. UK Power Networks will oversee overnight charging and trial how many EV may charge at a time without overpowering the grid.

L/EV sharing in Slovakia: Bratislava has a new electric citizen in the VW e-Up! there to share. For the moment, up!city cars can only be rented for half or a full day but the organisers hope to soon be able to rent per hour. The sharing offer in Slovakia’s capital also includes pedelecs and electric scooters.

More electric car sharing will happen in Luxembourg, where a service called Flex wants to introduce 86 EVs standing at the 20 busiest train stations of the country. Flex will be available from the end of November and shall tie in with Luxembourgs public transport via the travel card, MKaart.

Charging Scandinavia: Polish Ekoenergetyka-Polska will supply opportunity chargers for the electric bus fleet of the city of Lulea, that plans for its public transport to be 75 percent emission-free from 2020. For now, Lulea’s bus fleet consists of five electric models from the Finish Linkker Bus company.

E-mobility funding: The German Ministry for Transport has granted 39 credits for EV charging stations, worth a combined 2.3m euros and with most applicants from Bavaria. In total, the BMVI has processed 220 applications for 2,705 charge points funded with 16.6m euros, which is not too much given the government has earmarked 300m until 2020 and thus hopes to co-create a network of 15,000 charging stations in Germany. To be eligible, electricity must come from renewable sources.
now-gmbh.de (in German), bmvi.de (list of applicants)


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