Cobalt shortage, production of hydrogen, Blue Inductive, Ricardo Global Automotive Group

LG-Chem-Cells-296x150Cobalt shortage: Korean Samsung SDI, LG Chem and SK Innovation are looking to diversify their suppliers and to develop cells requiring less cobalt. Prices for the raw material that is a key ingredient in Li-ion batteries have surged not only due to increased demand for electric vehicles but also a destabilising conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which accounts for more than half of global cobalt production.

Clarity for hydrogen: RUB researchers together with colleagues from the Freie Universität Berlin have clarified the crucial catalytic step in the production of hydrogen by enzymes. They managed to observe hydrogenase spectroscopically and can now work on a more effective industrial production of hydrogen.,

Wireless charging funding: Fraunhofer ISE spin-off Blue Inductive raised substantial funding but has not disclosed the amount. The start-up wants to use the money to bring its fully-automated, inductive charging technology for industrial applications closer to market.

Ricardo to restructure: The British engineering and consultancy business focuses on electric and autonomous vehicles and thus forms Ricardo Global Automotive Group. It will oversee all automotive activities of the groups technical centres across Europe, China and North America.,



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