Thailand, Honda, Cenex, Ovo Energy, Germany

ChargeNow in Thailand: BMW intends to extend its charging network ChargeNow to Thailand. In an initial phase, 50 charging stations shall be erected throughout the country. The initiative is part of a MoU between several major industrial whose aim it is to promote electric mobility in Thailand.

Honda proactively installs network: Until the year’s end, Honda Canada wants to equip nearly two-thirds of its dealer network with level two electric chargers. This initiative seems a bit curious as it is proactive: The company currently does not offer any EV or PHEV in Canada, but has scheduled the launch of its Clarity PHEV for this winter.

New administrator for UK’s charging point database: Britain’s government has appointed the Centre of Excellence for Low Carbon and Fuel Cell Technologies (Cenex) to administer the country’s database of public EV charging points. In order to keep the data up to date, Cenex teams up with software systems company Apetrel Systems.,

Special tariff for EV owners: The British electricity and gas supplier Ovo Energy introduces a new tariff for EV drivers, called “Ovo Energy’s EV Everywhere tariff”. The offer includes a two-year fixed energy rate and free membership of the POLAR network of charging stations.,

Two new H2 stations for Germany: Daimler, Shell and Linde are cooperating in order to erect two more hydrogen stations in Sindelfingen and Pforzheim. Just in June, hydrogen stations in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt went into operation. Thus, the total number of H2 stations in Germany is about to climb to 32.,



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