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Kiepe to supply 185 buses to CA: San Francisco’s transportation authority has ordered 185 additional electric buses from Kiepe Electric. Each of the New Flyer XT40 is capable of In Motion Charging (IMC), meaning the vehicles incorporate the ability of trolley buses to charge through overhead lines but are also able to roll battery-powered wherever there are no overhead lines reachable. Together, San Francisco and Seattle have meanwhile ordered 452 IMC buses. In total, Kiepe’s books see 844 orders for this bus type from all over the world – 580 of them have been already supplied.

Boost for London’s charging infrastructure: Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced a 4.5m-pound funding programme in order to install additional 1,500 EV charging points in 25 of London’s 32 city districts by 2018. The project would almost double the number of charging points within the British capital.

DHL’s “City Hub” expands to The Hague: By launching a pilot project with electric vehicles, German postal service company DHL Express integrates The Hague in its environmentally-friendly “City Hub” concept. Core of the project are a modified StreetScooter and a Nissan e-NV200, both for last-mile delivery. First pilot cities for DHL’s “City Hub” were Utrecht/Netherlands and Frankfurt/Germany.

Beijing to acquire 10,000 electric buses until 2020: In order to fight air pollution, the capital’s electrified bus fleet shall grow from currently 1,000 to 10,000 vehicles within 3 years, according to press agency Xinhua. This plan would boost the share of electric buses on Beijing’s roads from today 10 to then 60 percent.

E.ON kicks-off EV infrastructure project: German energy company E.ON has teamed up with Clever in order to create an Europe-wide network of ultra-fast charging stations and chose now the first site to kick-off this project: At a service station close to the motorway A3 between Frankfurt and Nuremberg EV drivers will soon find four charge points with capacities ranging from 150 to 350 kW.



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