Aug 9, 2017 - 08:05 am

Wiesbaden, ITM Power, United Arab Emirates, EMotorWerks.

Wiesbaden’s public transport to be 100% electric: Transport company ESWE intends to free the public transport in the capital of Hessen/Germany from emissions by 2022. In order to reach this target, the company purchases 55 electric buses annually to successively electrify its complete bus fleet. According to a MoU, purchase of 110 buses will be financially supported by the federal state of Hessen, means for 35 additional vehicles and infrastructure will be paid by the state. (in German)

H2 station design made by ITM Power: The UK-based energy storage company has developed designs for H2 refuelling stations that are capable of producing up to 20 tonnes of hydrogen per day. Their launch is scheduled for the Hydrogen + Fuel Cells North America exhibition in Las Vegas next month. With its new offer, ITM says it is responding to a growing industry demand for larger scale installations for refuelling heavy logistics vehicles.,

Charging net in the United Arab Emirates: The Federal Electricity and Water Authority (Fewa) inaugurated the first of 61 EV charging stations to be installed in the United Arab Emirates. 11 of them are going to be erected at Fewa offices, the remaining 50 stations will be spread aside of highways as well as public and private entities across the country.

EMotorWerks and Volta team up in order to implement smart-grid enabled technology throughout Volta’s U.S. network of public EV charging stations. According to both companies, the solution shall help to combat grid overload and promote clean energy usage. As reported, EMotorWerks also partners with MotionWerk (Share&Charge) and others such as AeroVironment or Webasto.,


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