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EV quota, Chanje, Nissan, Goldstone Infratech + BYD, Acura, XC60

German Social Democrats pro EV quota: Ahead of parliamentary elections in September, Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz (SPD) demands an Europe-wide EV quota as part of a five-point plan to modernise Germany’s car industry. He said this step would advance the technology and secure the industry’s future and added that carmakers could no longer afford to be “arrogant.” Also the SPD federal ministers Brigitte Zypries (economy) and Barbara Hendricks (environment) are in favour of such a quote. Furthermore, Schulz wants the industry to invest into battery cell production within Germany. (about Schulz’ plans)

Chanje’s EV production plans: Chanje is another Californian start-up seeking to enter the electric truck market. Led by former Tesla and Faraday Future managers (among others Jörg Sommer) and supported with approximately 1bn dollars by Hong-Kong-based FDG Electric Vehicles and other partners, it intends to launch an electric transporter before the year’s end. The V8070 van shall come with a range of 160km and fit the needs of urban life. Production is planned in China with an assembly plant to follow in the States. The company is said to subsequently introduce further trucks and shuttle buses in a variety of lengths and capacities.,,,

Nissan’s diesel scrapping bonus: Until the year’s end, the Japanese offer 2000 euros scrapping premium to German buyers who trade in their old diesel cars (Euro 1 to 4) and buy an electric-powered model, either the Leaf of the e-NV200. Combined with state subsidies and Nissan’s electric bonus, clients can thus save up to 7,250 euros. (in German)


Goldstone Infratech and BYD create a joint venture as both seek to build electric buses in India. While technical support and knowhow come from the Chinese electric bus giant, India’s Goldstone Infratech contributes with local knowledge and infrastructure. Within the upcoming months, the JV plans to open a new facility in Hyderabad with a capacity to produce 350 to 400 electric buses per year. Indian competitors in this growing segment could become Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland.

Acura’s updated RLX sedan: Honda brand Acura will put a redesigned model of its RLX sedan on display at the Monterey Automotive Week next week. The car’s hybrid version (RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD) shares tech with the company’s super car NSX and shall provide 377 hp thanks to a V-6 engine and three electric motors.,,

XC60 to enter U.S. market: After having debuted in March in Geneva, Volvo’s new XC60 PHEV will be available in the States by September. While the model is equipped with a 10.4 kWh battery pack, its all-electric range isn’t yet known. Pricing is going to start at 52,900 U.S. dollars.



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