Aug 22, 2017 - 07:50 am

Ontario, Raleigh-Durham, Proterra, New Zealand Post, Alpha Baking

Electrifying school buses: Ontario has earmarked 8 million dollars for its new Electric School Bus Pilot Program that is to run until 2019. Applications have to be handed in before October’s end though and funding for school bus operators includes charging infrastructure too. The scheme is part of the province’s Climate Action Plan and funded by proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market.

Airport electrification: As Raleigh-Durham is one of the benefactors of the FAA 162.4m dollar infrastructure fund reportedly, the airport will spend the money on electric buses built by Proterra. Four vehicles are to arrive together with charging infrastructure and will replace for diesel models.,

And Proterra scored another deal this time from the San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD), which will convert its existing Route 44 to all-electric buses in August. A second electric route will be launched in January 2018. Proterra’s buses have a range of 40 miles but can recharge in 10 minutes.,

Electric courier service: New Zealand Post has announced a trial with five electric vans in order to give courier drivers experience, so that they can consider purchasing or leasing their own. The initial vehicles are being bought with assistance from EECA’s Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund.

Follow-up order: Alpha Baking has ordered five more range-extended electric E-GEN step vans from Workhorse following the successful deployment of its first five vehicles. Feedback from both drivers and customers has been “extremely positive,” says Alpha Baking that wants to further electrify the fleet.


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