TU Munich, Arctech Helsinki, Warwick Manufacturing, SME Group

aCar made in Germany: aCar is designed with sub-saharan Africa in mind but the TU Munich will bring its latest prototype to the IAA first. The EV with AWD comes with a 20 kWh battery that lasts for about 80 kilometres but can be supported by solar modules on the roof and optional solar collector sheets. Made to transport people as well as cargo weighing up to one ton, the modular set up allows for different uses. A first small series of the aCar is to be assembled at a model factory in Germany by Evum Motors and the researchers aim at a price below 10,000 euros.

Hybrid solar sailing cruiser: Charity Peace Boat has asked Arctech Helsinki Shipyard from Finland to build a hybrid cruise ship called Eco Cruise. Solar collectors will span over 6,000 square metres and help to power the 750 kW ship if wind allows for them to double as sails. 2,000 passengers may travel in 750 cabins on Peace Boat’s educational voyages. The charity wants their eco ship to be flagship for climate change awareness and will stage exhibitions in up to a 100 ports each year from 2020.
green4sea.com, marinelink.com, trendhunter.com (with video)

Delivery quad: Custom-made is this Twizy with Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) of the University of Warwick and designer Astheimer hoping to appeal to delivery services. Their prototype DELIVER-E is a twisted Twizy that got 36 kW and an enlarged rear storage area fitted with new body panels.
warwick.ac.uk, youtube.com

Plug&Play powertrain: Distributor NetGain Motors has teamed up with SME Group to bring the HyPer 9 motor for EV conversions to market. The system is plug-and-play and provides 85 kW at peak load.
chargedevs.com, go-ev.com


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