Aug 28, 2017 - 07:59 am

Georgia, Dubai, Luxembourg, Belfast

Georgia to get 96 PEVs: The government of Georgia chose Mitsubishi to supply 51 i-MiEV as well as 45 Outlander PHEV. Delivery is scheduled for January 2018 to the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Eastern European country. The supply of vehicles stems from an Overseas Development Agreement between Japan and Georgia.,

Expansion, fast: After landing the first Coup e-scooter sharing in Berlin a year ago, the supplier wants to enter other European cities with the Gogoro scooters. Paris just got the service (we reported), while in Berlin already “more than 10,000” clients have registered, Bosch said. (in German)

Enlarged hybrid cab fleet: The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority wants to procure 554 more hybrid taxis after it had endorsed a plan for converting 50 per cent of Dubai taxicabs into hybrid vehicles by 2021 (we reported).

The Grand Duchy Police has taken a liking to electric acceleration as the force wants to further expand their EV fleet just after having ordered two Tesla Model S cars (we reported). Four more electric cars shall join but make and model have yet to be decided but with the Teslas starting this October …

Electric mail delivery: Belfast got its first electric mail delivery van with PostalSort, part of Northern Ireland’s PostalGroup, ordering a Nissan e-NV200.


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