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Hydrogen Buses, Madrid, Lisbon, France, Germany.

Cross-border H2 bus line: Germany and the Czech Republic team up in order to introduce a long-distance bus line for hydrogen buses on their territories. The transport ministers of both countries agreed to support the pilot project financially. Further details are still to be published. (in German)

500 Zoe EVs conquer Madrid: Spanish infrastructure company Ferrovial Services and Renault are about to launch a car sharing service called Zity in the Spanish capital. Initially, 500 Zoe EVs are going to be available by October.,,

Car sharing with EVs also in Lisbon: DriveNow expands its car sharing service to the Portuguese capital, placing 211 BMW and Mini in the city – among them also electric models. According to the operator, customers can leave and pick up the cars anywhere within the operating area.,

First hydrogen bus route in France: Eight H2 buses from the Bus Rapid Transit Service (BHNS) will roll on the streets of Pau in the Pyrenees, starting in September 2019. They are going to connect the hospital with the railway station. A consortium consisting of SMTU-PPP, Engie, Van Hool and ITM Power backs the pilot project.,

100m euros to avoid diesel ban: In order to prevent diesel cars from being banned in six of its cities, the German federal state of Nordrhein-Westfalen hurries to fight air pollution by investing 100m euros in electric mobility measures. 80m euros are available for pilot projects in the current and in the next year. 20m euros shall serve as immediate funding for cities, companies, craftsmen and private people., (both in German)

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