Sep 5, 2017 - 07:58 am

Karima Delli, Dyson Spokesman.

“Now that the reign of diesel comes to an end, European member states have no other choice but to take the lead in terms of electric and hybrid cars production. If not, then our whole car industry might be in jeopardy.”

In the eyes of Green MEP Karima Delli, given the numerous jobs connected to the car industry, European carmaker would do a “terrible mistake”, if they missed the shift towards electric mobility.

“We are developing a multitude of technologies. We plan to recruit an extra 3,000 engineers and scientists by 2020 and are working with more than 40 universities globally.”

A spokesman of vacuum cleaner giant Dyson fuels new rumours about a possible EV market debut. However, confirmation that the company really heads in this direction has not been given yet.


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